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Blondies and Brownies

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Midwest Comfort Meals And Baked Goods From Scratch

Jar of sourdough starter with a kitchen towel next to it.
Jar of bubbly sourdough discard on the counter.

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Meet Jamie

Hi, I’m Jamie, the recipe developer and comfort food loving Minnesotan behind this website! If you’re looking for Midwestern recipes and meals from scratch, I’m your gal.

Here you’ll find cozy meals, delicious baked goods, and some healthy dishes too (I know us Midwestern folk have a rap for marshmallow salads, but sometimes we do eat greens!). I love to make the classics but enjoy putting my own spin on them.

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What you can expect here at Bake with Jamie:

I believe that the kitchen should be a place of joy. Where memories are made, delicious food is enjoyed, and traditions are shared with family and friends. I prefer to follow the seasons in my cooking.

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